J. Frank Hanley II
Social Security Disability Lawyer Indianapolis

Social Security Disability Lawyer IndianapolisDisability Attorney


J. Frank Hanley II has been in private practice in Indianapolis for over 40 years. Earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1965 from Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, Mr. Hanley attended North Carolina Central University Law School and graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1968. After a few years in other areas of law, Mr. Hanley directed his efforts entirely to those clients in need of assistance with Social Security Disability cases.

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   I would like to take the time to send you a big THANK YOU! You are all the very kindest people that I have ever met. I was, and am amazed at how you are for the people! I wish you all the very best in all that you do! I just wish there were more lawyers like you, Frank, and the world would be a better place. Take care of that back of yours, as I will mine.